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Women Rising

It is really hard for women to rise up. I’m not saying we can’t do it. I’m not negating all the women who have done it well. I am just saying it’s very hard. Patriarchy is a real thing. We hear that word all the time and have grown desensitized, because we need to call it something but don’t know another word to use. Perhaps we can call it, “the-way-things-have-been-done-for-thousands-of-years,” […]

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Dance Your Way to Happiness

  When I was in Paris, France, this past summer, in the Church of Mary Magdalene in the Opera district, I walked in and began to dance. It was Bastille Day, only I didn’t realize that until later. The energy of freedom was in the air, and when I heard the organ, there was nothing I could do put take off my shoes and move. I have never danced like […]

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Saving Yourself

A few years ago, I sat outside at a restaurant with a young woman I cared a lot about. We met at a new job I had started, and we clicked instantly, even though there was more than 10 years between us. And I admitted something to her then that I hadn’t said to anyone else. “I just want someone to save me,” I told her. She took a sip […]

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