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Fight Like Hell

I met a really good man on a really weird day in my life. He was giving me advice, and he was kind enough not to charge me for it. I noticed he was wearing a ring with a gold cross, so I asked him about his faith. “You gotta fight like hell,” he said, “and then leave the rest to Him.” I laughed and thought about what he said. […]

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Bring It On

One of my major flaws is my desire to figure everything out. I keep trying to crack the code of life, thinking all the answers lie on the other side of some bridge I’m about to cross, if I could only get closer to that bridge. But life is life. There is no figuring everything out. There is only letting go. The practice of surrender is a difficult one for […]

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Holding on

For so long, my yoga training taught me about surrendering, letting go. When I lost a job I loved, I decided it was a chance to practice letting go, that I had to accept things that were beyond my control. But the lesson I’ve had to learn recently is not about letting go—it’s about when to hold on. My three-year-old daughter recently fell off the swings at the playground next […]

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