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Maybe Don’t Put a Ring On It?

Let me start out this post by saying 1) I am a total romantic, and 2) I don’t judge anyone for making the choices he or she feels is best for them, including choices they believe will make them happy for the rest of their lives. And let me also add 3), which is that I am not an angry woman. When women say the things I’m about to say, […]

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Falling in Love with Yourself

“Being single…. There’s a certain dignity to it.” –Janet Livermore, Singles, 1992 If you’re like me, you grew up daydreaming about meeting your other half. You looked up phone numbers of the boys you liked in the phone book and prank-called them. You went to bed at night dreaming of being held, or kissed, while you listened to the radio play bad songs by Guns-N-Roses. You thought everything would be […]

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