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Meet Fear with Curiosity

Oh my goodness, doesn’t this sound so deep and wise? Meet fear with curiosity. I heard that from this hot woman I met in Paris last summer. I was at this holistic healing cafe near the Louvre that was quite beautiful, and people ate and drank coffee on the bottom floor, and there was a lavender-scented yoga studio on the top, and the chef there made me a latte of some […]

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Art Is Better Than Religion

Mon cherie, it is my last day in Paris, which is a horrible, horrible thing, but you know, I, like anyone, have duties and I have obligations and one cannot just wander into her homeland/soul-land and stay forever, at least not yet, until the kids are grown. And I have selected to write to you in a little cafe called Cafe Leo in the hip and artsy Marais area, which is an arrondissement that […]

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The Book That’s Going to CHANGE THE WORLD

Oh my goodness, I landed in Paris this morning and I am running on very little sleep. But I am in the cutest little apartment in Montmartre, and I have already had a cafe creme and a croissant while staring at the Basilique de Sacre Coeur, and I’ve walked through the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, and I’ve unloaded my clothes and toiletries from my bag, and I’ve finished two pages […]

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