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The Joy of Meaninglessness

Do you know how much love I feel? Let me explain. I don’t even know where to start. Within each person is an immense, immeasurable well of love. It is as though within our bodies is a bucket of love-water, and it runneth over time and time again. And that love-water we’re filled with is part of the love-water of the universe, the river that runs through everything, the essence […]

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Jeremiah, the Transgender Prophet

  How did I get here? How does a feisty south Jersey girl, an academically-minded English teacher and divorced mom of three, start reading the Bible and writing about God and Christianity and confessing she fell in love with Jesus? Dear God, what the hell happened? A lot. What felt like too much, at times. It took losing nearly everything that mattered to me, a completely shattered vision of my […]

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How Much Should You Sacrifice?

The stories of the Bible are not always literal and anyone who says they are has a lack of imagination, a lack of appreciation for nuance, archetypes, mythology. But stories have so much to teach us, and there is nothing like scripture to show you layer after layer of meaning and revelation. When I started reading the Bible in earnest earlier this year, I was getting pissed off, because nothing […]

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