Video Check-in (Confessions, Meditations, Words, Words, Words)

MotherJana is going all wild in this joint, expanding through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She’s just spreading her motherly wizardly vibes around this weird world, seeing what makes her and others happy.

If you missed Friday’s confessional, click below to learn more about the Gospel of Mary Magdalene (hidden, now revealed, like the gooey chocolate center of Christianity!), why church rules don’t often work, and topics like yoga, finding your life’s purpose, and the importance of traveling alone. It’s fun! (And YouTube takes the best screenshots, as you can see!)


And if that video is too long, and you’re not interested in “conquestionals” (confession + life questions=conquest?), then learn a little bit about how this Motha’ meditates with her wild 5-year-old in the background. It’s possible! Sort of! Just have low expectations!


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And here’s a picture of Joan of Arc, just ’cause!

Portrait of Jeanne d’Arc, Musee de l’Histoire de France, Paris



Jana Rose