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It’s Okay If You Don’t Understand: Yoga 101

Yesterday I started teaching yoga to students at Temple University, and it was like I had never taught yoga before. Seriously. I have been teaching yoga for nearly 7 years, and only yesterday did I feel like I actually started teaching yoga. That is how amazing yoga is. There is nothing like this business in the world. The reason I am now more of a yoga teacher, is that I’ve […]

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Your Goodness Makes You Sexy

It was last year when I started doing some serious investigative work on sexiness, on what makes a person sexy. This was after I came to Jesus (come being the operative word), and started asking him some questions, started sorting through the muck we’d been taught for a hell of a long time about what sex means to people. I discovered a lot of things, so many that I’m going […]

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God or Money?

I have no interest today talking to people who have all their shit figured out. The people whose lives are together and orderly, for whom everything is perfect and squeaky clean. The people who have an organized silverware drawer and a steady job with 401K benefits and have quiet, perfunctory sex before sleeping next to a stack of barely cracked books. Those people can go read some other blog. Those […]

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