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FirstDay Sermon: Should You Be Empty?

A lot of meditation teachers talk about the practice of “emptying” yourself when you sit down to pray. A word about prayer vs. meditation. These two are pretty much the same. Prayer tends to be something we do with words, while we think of meditation as silence. But I’ve done some meditation in kundalini yoga that requires repeating a mantra out loud over and over again (like Catholics do with […]

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The Holy Spirit Is a Weaver

Curving back within myself, I create again and again –Bhagavad Gita Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes. –Walt Whitman   One issue with spiritual or prophetic writing is that the niggling mind will always find holes, will always look for exceptions. Situations where a statement doesn’t seem to work, or can’t be put into practice because of the reader’s/student’s personal […]

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Be an Instrument

The Holy Spirit has many channels. If one doesn’t work, she finds another. She is infinitely creative. We always have a choice in this life whether to work with Her, to allow her in, or to toil on our own while staying lost and confused. I don’t know that I believed in God, or could use that word without choking, for a long time. But when my son was born […]

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