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A Life Full of Gifts

Almost five years ago, on Christmas Eve, I was baking cookies so my kids could put them on a plate for Santa Claus. The house was full of the smell of chocolate and sugar, but there was also a lot of tension, because my then-husband and I were in the midst of intense marital struggle that was leading to an end point. But it was Christmas, a time of year […]

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Mental Health vs. Spiritual Awareness

I think people are very confused about what it means to be mentally healthy in this country. We have an epidemic of anxiety and depression, and we don’t know how to fix it. Women, particularly, seem to be suffering, and we don’t know what to do for them. I think one solution may be to reconfigure our understanding of God. Because our culture is sick. There is a darkness that […]

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Without a Map

“Keep yourself a stranger and pilgrim upon earth, to whom the affairs of this world are of no concern. Keep your heart free and lifted up to God, for here you have no abiding city.” –Thomas a Kempis, The Inner Life On my solo journey through Europe, I have realized I have a much better time, and am led to much better places, when I don’t rely on a map. […]

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