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The Light Feels Lighter

Being shown the Light is a gentle and surprising experience. The Light is always gentle. Trust what’s gentle in your life. We think of Light as a color, but it’s also a lack of weight. It’s a feeling in your body. If there’s something in your life weighing you down, give it up. Feel lighter. See what happens. This life is about setting our hearts free. But it doesn’t look […]

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Being Free

Yesterday I took my daughters for a walk around our neighborhood after dinner. It’s only recently that I’ve allowed my four-year-old, the baby of the family, to walk instead of ride in her stroller. On this day, after holding my hand to cross the street, she ran up ahead on the sidewalk, spreading her arms wide and skipping as the breeze ruffled her dress and blew her ponytail. She makes similar movements at […]

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