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Saying Yes to Your Life

Do you know how to let go? I certainly didn’t, for a long time. I grasped on to everything tightly, like a kid gripping her bicycle’s handlebars. I thought that would keep me in control. Nothing would fail. Things wouldn’t go wrong, because I wouldn’t let them. Isn’t this cute? It reminds me of a boyfriend I had once who, when I told him that the relationship wasn’t working, declared, […]

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The Sense and Essence Podcast, Episode 2

Free Will and The Power of Choice For a while, I was a little addicted to psychics. When things weren’t going well, I thought I just needed to know the future and I’d be set at ease. That really didn’t work. What I realized is that we can’t know the ultimate reality, no matter how hard we try. And yet, we still often feel as though certain things were fated […]

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