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Your Soul is Not a Product

I keep getting emails and ads showing up in my social media feeds for what is called a “masterclass.” The idea is that if you watch this video and listen to this person, you’re going to gain massive spiritual insight that’s going to take you to the next level. And what is the next level? I don’t know. Happiness? More money? Deeper awakening? This dude interviews all kinds of healers […]

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Dance in the Temple of Your Love

What is it going to take to reveal your hidden, magical, mysterious, beautiful body? Seriously. What is it going to take? Becoming embodied has little to do with sex or stripping or showing off. Becoming embodied is about nurturing your soul, doing the inner work that makes the energetic body free. And once you clear the energies that haunt you, the wounds of the past, the shadows you still carry […]

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Your Participation is Required

A lot of times we get mad at God, or turn away, because we think things are not working out for us the way they’re supposed to. We’ve said our prayers, we’re nice to people. We go to church or read the Bible, or donate to someone’s charity. We’ve never killed a person, or robbed a bank. And yet we’re still left heartbroken or frustrated or suffocated by life. But […]

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