Mary Magdalene


“There is no sin.

It is you who make sin exist,

when you act according to the habits

of your corrupted nature;

this is where sin lies. 

This is why the Good has come into your midst. 

It acts together with the elements of your nature

so as to reunite it with its roots.” 

–Gospel of Mary Magdalene, 15-22


MotherJana is created based around the spirit of Mary Magdalene, a woman who has inspired me and captured my imagination for many years, long before I even considered reading about, or praying to,Jesus.

Mary M is our doorway in, our entrance to love.

This classy lady, this gypsy soul, this gorgeous figure, has been clothed in mystery for many years. The only way to access her is to find her within each of us, an emblem of the feminine divine, the shakti to the Lord’s shiva.

If you have not read the Gospel of Mary, I highly encourage you to do so. If this gospel had been included in the canonical bible, a lot of things within Christianity, and thus our Christo-centric society, would be different. But men got together and feared that women had too much power due to Jesus’s teachings, and they did their best to put a stop to any celebration of feminine energy. And so many women and men have felt ashamed of their bodies, as though anything having to do with the human body is sinful, as though sex is wrong.

This is so not what the Teacher taught.

The Gospel of Mary has some missing pages, which were burned accidentally shortly after the manuscript was found. My work here and elsewhere, through fiction and otherwise, is about discovering those missing pages in the present moment, in the words of men and women today, in art and poetry, in what we must create as the New Word. It’s a Word that has always been. We’ve just forgotten it for a really long time.

It’s time to reconfigure.



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