Why Doesn’t Love Last?

I think our deepest need is to love and be loved. And yet so many relationships end, and not well, or people disappoint us. We want to be loved, but we don’t know what that’s supposed to look like. Or we want to love someone else, but they don’t receive it or know how we feel. And then a relationship ends in one way or another, and we’re left bereft, […]

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Being Free

Yesterday I took my daughters for a walk around our neighborhood after dinner. It’s only recently that I’ve allowed my four-year-old, the baby of the family, to walk instead of ride in her stroller. On this day, after holding my hand to cross the street, she ran up ahead on the sidewalk, spreading her arms wide and skipping as the breeze ruffled her dress and blew her ponytail. She makes similar movements at […]

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The Single Life

It’s often in my kitchen, doing dishes or cooking (and when I say cooking, I mean barely) that I think about what it means to be single. There’s often the idea that a single person doesn’t necessarily choose to be single, that she or he becomes single because they just haven’t found “the one.” But I’m in the process of taking ownership of my singlehood in a new way, in […]

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