What Do You Do for a Living?

A few years ago, I dated someone who, whenever I mentioned a friend or relative, immediately asked what he or she did for a living. It always made me laugh because I, too, wondered that when I met new people, even if I didn’t always have the nerve to ask right away. At the time, though, I was looking for steady full-time work, and I had a heightened awareness that […]

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Holding on

For so long, my yoga training taught me about surrendering, letting go. When I lost a job I loved, I decided it was a chance to practice letting go, that I had to accept things that were beyond my control. But the lesson I’ve had to learn recently is not about letting go—it’s about when to hold on. My three-year-old daughter recently fell off the swings at the playground next […]

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The Strength You Didn’t Know You Had

There are some times in life you need to fall back on reserves you didn’t know you had, times you have to remind yourself what you’re made of. For me, giving birth to my daughter was one of those times. I gave birth to three children, and each birth was vastly different. The first birth taught me sacrifice–I had a C-section with my son, because I was too scared to […]

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