FirstDay Sermon: Your Faith Makes You Worthy

Let’s just establish this: you don’t have to call yourself Christian to follow SexyJesus, or know that he’s worth his salt. SexyJesus is real, the kingpin guru yoga leader, and he downloaded and lived in what was true about life and the world, and his message was to spread that truth as widely as possible, and following him or believing in him or asking him for help has nothing to […]

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Meet Fear with Curiosity

Oh my goodness, doesn’t this sound so deep and wise?┬áMeet fear with curiosity. I heard that from this hot woman I met in Paris last summer. I was at this holistic healing cafe near the Louvre that was quite beautiful, and people ate and drank coffee on the bottom floor, and there was a lavender-scented yoga studio on the top, and the chef there made me a latte of some […]

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