Being Free

Yesterday I took my daughters for a walk around our neighborhood after dinner. It’s only recently that I’ve allowed my four-year-old, the baby of the family, to walk instead of ride in her stroller. On this day, after holding my hand to cross the street, she ran up ahead on the sidewalk, spreading her arms wide and skipping as the breeze ruffled her dress and blew her ponytail. She makes similar movements at […]

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Reunited and It Feels So Good

Hello again, coffee. Or four-shot espresso latte-thingy. I missed you. You are hard enough. You are rough enough. You are rich enough. I’m not too blind to see. You put pep in my step all day. When I’m around you, my hands shake. I tremble under your touch. I don’t know why we have to have this sordid, on-again, off-again love affair, but I’m with you now, and that’s all […]

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Might As Well Face It, I’m Addicted to Food

If you read my alter-ego, SuperWoman from The SuperWoman Chronicles, you’ll know I’m on a 21-day cleanse recommended by a medicine woman, in which I have to forego sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten, and a host of other tasty things (strawberries! tomatoes! peanut butter! shrimp!). It’s actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be, because I was ready for it. I needed to lose a few pounds […]

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