Hi there! I’m Jana Rose. It’s nice to virtually meet you.

This site is a creative, dynamic, and growing space that is a reflection of my spiritual, emotional, and physical journey. It is a blend of yoga philosophy, Christian mysticism, and life advice from someone who—if you’ll pardon my French—has been through the shit and come out on the other side.

These writings are my offering to you. This is the voice I desperately wanted to hear so many times and couldn’t find. This is my chance to support you in you being you, no “ifs, ands, or buts.” No judgments. Just a pure heart.

And the sprinkles on this cake include poetry, literature, art, musings on the divine feminine (Mary Magdalene! Mother Mary!), and my experience in both the religious and secular realms.

Wondering why I’m calling it Mother Jana? I don’t want to forget that part.

For too long, women have not been given a seat at the great big table of religion. So many of our spiritual leaders are male. And many, though not all, of these men are really good guys! So don’t get me wrong. Good, kind-hearted, searching men have added so much greatness to our understandings of how to move through life with a strong compass.

But I think we both know it’s been way too long since we heard from the Mothers. The Mothers who teach us about our inner knowing. The Mothers who are wise. The Mothers who ask us to sit by the fire and make friends with our inner wild. The Mothers who encourage us to be self-sustaining and whole.

And I’m really tired of the Catholic church not allowing women leadership, and other Christian traditions continuing to promote a message that women’s bodies and minds are inferior, shameful, and wrong. That really pisses me off.


In the name of the Mother, the Father, the Son and the Daughter, and my guru, Sexy Jesus. (Because he gets me really hot.)

Forever and ever, Amen.

Cheers! lipstick kiss