The Book That’s Going to CHANGE THE WORLD

Oh my goodness, I landed in Paris this morning and I am running on very little sleep. But I am in the cutest little apartment in Montmartre, and I have already had a cafe creme and a croissant while staring at the Basilique de Sacre Coeur, and I’ve walked through the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, and I’ve unloaded my clothes and toiletries from my bag, and I’ve finished two pages of the book I am writing to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Paris is the place to be, baby. And it’s also the place to write. It surely is.

And I smell quite good, don’t you know.

Now I only need to decide where to go today to write more of the book that is going to CHANGE THE WORLD, and I need to save some of this awesome juice flowing inside me, so I cannot promise I will be delivering high-intensity yogic content daily on this blog, as I’m prone to do. I gotta save that juice for my girls (who I’m writing the book for), but if there is any left over, I will surely deliver it to you, honey. I got a lot of juice, you see.

And so let me remind you of something that some famous meditation teacher said, a guy whose name I can’t remember right now:

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

And dearie, if you like who you are? If you really enjoy being with that person? Everywhere is heavenly.

(That sounds really rose-colored-glasses and privileged, but I’m not in a very analytical place right now, so remove your intellectualism from my post and just go with it here. Girls just want to have fun, you know. And if they can’t have it, they want to at least watch. Boys, too. Boys especially like watching because they are more cramped up inside.)

I think that is it for now! I have remembered to bring everything to Paris except toothpaste, which I must get. It is quite annoying, don’t you know, that everywhere you travel, whether it is an Airbnb or a hotel, the hosts give you some toiletries but NEVER toothpaste.

What is that about?

I brush my teeth more often than I wash my hair. Grrr.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, the Sexy Singles Salon is coming up on Friday Feb. 14 in the Spring Arts section of Philadelphia, and there will be some live theatre skitting happening (I just made up that word “skitting,” but don’t you like it?), and music and a l’il dancing, and men in hats (which I’m going to buy for said men while I’m here, and those hats are BERETS!, and we are limiting the fashion to just hats because I don’t think my friends will agree to wear lipstick even though I TRIED!), and there will be snacks and discussion questions and I will offer a very important communication lesson. It is going to be the most fun thing anyone ever attended because I throw really good parties. They are not wild parties, mind you. They are thoughtful, conscious parties where people feel all warm inside and go home feeling warm, too.

Anyway. Why was I telling you that? I was telling you that for a reason….

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just get some ideas. I’m really excited about the Sexy Singles Salon. Maybe that’s all. Here is a link to my website with eventbrite links and stuff like that:

(There are other great events coming up, too, which I need to describe a little better, because damn, it is hard to generate and produce content and also market yourself for that content, which is why I got me some interns who are going to help. I love interns. My acting teacher, Bernard, really likes RESOURCEFULNESS, by the way. Have you ever met a person named Bernard? Me neither.)

The music has stopped in the background of this little apartment (I was listening to Ed Sheeran, I know, weird), and I need to find a church to pray in because I love Parisian churches, and unlike in America, the churches here are almost ALWAYS OPEN, and I must continue to write my book in cafes because I only have a week to finish it, and I’m sending hugs to you and gotta go.

And here is a delightful little number from the famed movie Amelie, which is in the neighborhood where I’m staying. This movie is just so darn cute.

Oh my goodness, I wonder if I can find a great tube of red lipstick while I’m here. To add to three other lipsticks I already carry in my purse.



Photo by Lucas Albuquerque on Unsplash

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  1. You are doing something I have always wanted to do – travel to Paris alone and write and eat and drink wine. Can’t wait to read this book!


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