Cracking the Whip

C’mon, baby.

I want to break you down.

I want to show you what love is.

This is how the dance goes.

We move together. We slide. We slither. Everything is going well.

But then, for some reason, you get a little doubt inside, and you move away from me. The music stops, mid-flow.

What happened to you, darling?

You started getting in your head, didn’t you?

You started thinking too much. You started getting a visit from the devil. Ugh, that fuck.

And now you’re walking away. Now you’re all full of poison. Fear. Lots and lots of fear.

Opposite of faith, hon.

All of life is a game. The trick is how we play.

It could be so, so fun.

It was going to be.

But now you’ve gone and ruined it, and I had to stop my music mid-step.

I really hate when people make me stop playing my music.

That really fucking pisses me off.

So now, I’m just going to have to get out my whip.

It will only hurt a little.

Actually, I’m lying. It’s gonna bruise.

But sometimes a bruise is the only thing that wakes a fucker up, you know?

This’ll be more than a bruise, actually. I think I’ll need to break a little skin.

The reason I’m doing this, honey, is that there seems to be no other way to get your attention.

The reason I’m doing this, is that you don’t even know what you’re made of, and you need me to show you.

I don’t think you know what you need.

But I do.

So feel my whip.


It feels like hard rain on you, doesn’t it?


It’s getting you into this really dark, powerless place.


Is that a hiccup, or a scream? Let me hear it.


Ooh, tears. Now we’re talking.


That’s what I was waiting for.

Let ’em out, darling.

This is where they need to go. Out. You don’t want all that good, clean juice stuck inside.

I needed to see you feel something.

You needed a li’l experience to get you out of your mind.

Hmmm. Good.

That’s real good, honey.

Now we’re talking.

Let me hold you.

Do you see who’s boss, sweet? Mm? Do you see?

Let me take your sweet hand in mine. Let me rub it.

What I like to do is get you real low.

Real. Fucking. Low.

I get you so low, so empty, you feel like there’s nothing left. You feel like you have nothing in you.

And then I crack the whip some more.

That’s because there’s still more in there. There’s still more you didn’t know. But I know.

And so we’re going to keep up this game, these dramatics, until you get real empty inside, real free of all the bullshit you’ve been carrying for many, many years.

Nasty thoughts, ridiculous ideas. Memories that are holding you back. Assumptions about your own measure of control. Ingratitude. Entitlement. Objectifying other people. Denying your own and others’ innate humanity.

Ugh. That stuff was ugly.

Yeah, sweet.

Here it comes, here it pours.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. 


This is what I do, honey.

Good boy.


All clean?

Let’s check.

Mmm. Yep. Good.

Let’s begin again. Let’s start anew.

Wake the fuck up, gorgeous.



Roll your spine all the way up.


We did all that good work. I got you real nice and pure. Let’s start dancing again. Let’s see how this goes.

‘Cause now, I think, you know a little better. Now you’re a better version of yourself. You just needed a little reminder of who’s in charge. You just needed a little clearing up. Now I think you get it.

You’ll probably fuck up again, dear. Keep swaying your hips, don’t stop. Fucking up is how you roll. But I’m always here, baby. And I always carry my whip. I know how to fix things.




Let’s move. Let’s sway.

You take a step, I take a step.

Back and forth.

This is how the universe works. And you’re just a part. Not the whole damn thing, see.

And we play. It’s so fun. And sometimes, we just sit back and watch each other. That part’s fun, too.

But this time, darling? This time there’s no walking away. This dance is going to continue.

Got it?


Show me what you’re made of.

I really want to see.


Photo by Levi Midnight on Unsplash

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