The Well Is Deep


There is this story in the Bible, where a woman is going to a well to fill up her bucket and this guy is hanging out there, and he asks her for water, and she’s like, Waa? Your people don’t talk to my people, why are you asking me for water? And he’s like, Girlfriend, if you only knew. 

So then he tells her that he’s pretty magical, that God is amazing, and that he is basically an enlightened being meant to heal people through divine love.

Most people don’t take this news very well.

Most people are like, Uh-huh. Sure you are. Thanks, dude. And then they get their little bucket of water and they walk away.

Most people, I’m sorry to say, don’t know how to recognize a good thing. They pass it up. They ignore it, or destroy it. They treat it like crap, because goodness is under-appreciated a lot of the time, because we live in a culture that is more inclined to watch people punch each other until they bleed, and pay money to see that, than they are to accept the real and natural event of two naked people having wonderful, raw, unencumbered sex.

So getting back to my story, which is a l’il riff, because the way the stories in the Bible were recorded was kind of ass-backwards at times, and so we have to dig our fingers in the earth and find the missing pieces.

This handsome, really awesome guy who no one quite gets, but who has conviction and unwavering faith and a sense of purpose, is sitting by a well at 12 noon (lunch hour! He must have gotten up from his cubicle), and this wild-ish woman with a lot to say and a flamboyant sexual energy looks upon him warily, with squinty eyes.

But he speaks in such a way that she knows in her mind and her heart and her soul that he is who he says he is. She just knows. She can see it, she can feel that it’s true. And she falls in love. And she immediately becomes his. And she goes off to tell everybody about how amazing he is, how he knows her through and through, and she abandons everything to follow him, because he’s convinced her that he is the Source, and if she turns toward him, all else will flow.

And it does! He was and is right!

Isn’t that a beautiful story?

Let’s pretend now, that it’s not a man by the well. Let’s say it’s a woman.

Let’s pretend this woman is in a cafe, call it Saxby’s in Philadelphia, killing some time until her Catholic prayer group, writing a little. Let’s say she’s wearing a red beret.

And let’s suggest she has convictions. She has a purpose in this life. Let’s call her “an emblem of divine love and healing.”

Doh! She didn’t just say that! Nah, no she didn’t. The writer did, the writer did. Oh, okay, okay, boy.

Who might she meet? Who might come into her path? Who might she interact with and let the divine flow?

Oh, now, she wants some water, because the coffee she is drinking makes her thirsty for water. So let’s test this out. Let’s see…..




Okay, so she asked for water, and it was a fairly simple interaction. No one told her that her people and their people weren’t the same. She simply asked for the cup of water (no ice, please), and then the barista got her some, happily. No arguing was involved. Just 20 minutes ago, she and the barista talked about the barista’s necklace, which is a gold chain of Freddy Krueger’s hand. Why did she like that so much? The red beret woman asked. And the barista said she just liked thrillers. Ah, yes. When I was younger, Nightmare on Elm Street, Part Three was my favorite Freddy Krueger film. I don’t watch them anymore, hmm, said red beret woman. They’re scary.

But within this water exchange, there happened to be a neighboring woman in a super bright yellow hat and super bright yellow scarf, who red beret woman just had to exchange pleasantries with, because yellow hats and red hats are hard to miss, and maybe these women are in reality some kind of undercover sisters. Everybody laughs, and there is so much love!

And so you see, my sweet, this is how it works. This is how love functions. This is how God works. Network upon network, garden upon garden. Grow, grow, grow. Love, love, love. Thrive, thrive, thrive. Through people. Through kindness. Through generosity. Through connection. Uncovering, in every moment, what is real. Which is me, which is you, which is us, dancing in all kinds of love that doesn’t have to be limited to any one thing.

That’s what the Teacher taught, you know. Mainly that. Also, he didn’t have a lot of followers. He was not an influencer on Instagram.

(And there was something about food, having meals together. That part is important, too. We’ll get to that later. )

Ahhh. So. What new person are you going to talk to today? What kindness and love and generosity are you going to spread?

Set an intention for that, honeypie! Sooo many opportunities will come. More than you could have ever imagined.


Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash

(Omg, this Unsplash photographer is named Jana, too! What are the chances!)

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