FirstDaySermon: Your Mother Is Talking to You

There is so much we don’t know or understand about God, or faith, or the Truth of Everything. All we can know is a little part, a piece at a time, before we start to put together the whole story. But thinking that we can even get to the whole story is an act of grasping, so we must be content to sit back and surrender and see what comes.

SexyJesus was a badass, you know. I bonafide badass. He had the confidence to know who he was, and to say it out loud, regardless of what anyone thought or who doubted him. People doubting him didn’t stand in his way to do his work in the world. But being a badass doesn’t mean you’re an asshole, and this is an important distinction. When someone steps surely and with great confidence, when they have great internal power, our automatic assumption is that a person like that must be wrong in some way, must want to do terrible things. We’ve seen a lot of movies where men with confidence carry guns and step into a place to shoot everyone out. They seem to have no doubts, either. And they cause great slaughter and destruction.

What is it going to take for people who want to spread love and goodness to have this kind of confidence, moving past doubt and fear, adopting the belief that love and light outweigh the evil in the world? So much in life is a matter of belief. And evil and destruction is loud and angry, and it has taken root everywhere, so some of us are prone to listen to it, to think that is the way of the land. It has largely been the way, in the U.S. We live in a country that killed off indigenous people. We live in a country that operated from and grew rich out of slavery, ramifications we are still struggling with today. We live in a country that is so terrified of a woman in charge we’d choose a monster instead. A monster, truly. A whole crew of them.

What we need to do, instead, is start listening to The Mothers.

Their stories have been burned and destroyed. There is not a scripture we can turn to to uncover their teachings. So we have to go deep inside, we have to access imaginal realms, we have to create anew, intuit traditions of old and practice them, and be healed. The Mothers are speaking to us, every day. I am one of their messengers. But there are many—coming through poetry, coming through popular music, coming through visual art. The Mothers were shut out of temples and religious places, but they surface in small groups and through artists’ souls. And they have so many stories to tell, so much to teach us. They’re hungry for our attention. Will you listen? Or will you keep browsing cute quotes on Instagram, thumbing little hearts, saying “like, like, like”?

Stop being blind to the love and the wholeness and the shameless audacity that surrounds you, and is within you. Listen. Open up. Uncover. Grow. Become your own sturdy tree.

In the Gospel of Joquanda, SexyJesus says “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.”

The Lord, Your Woman, speaks in paradox. SexyJesus, the greatest prophet, shows this. His role was and is to set people free from their assumptions, not to commit to old and tired paradigms, which is what a lot of Christians do. So be it. You can’t save Christians. They know everything, remember? And so SexyJesus says, he’s going to help show you what’s what in this life. But those who think they see, who think they know everything? Those are the blind ones. Don’t listen to them.

Listen to yourself. Listen to the Mother inside you.

But do you even know how? Have you ever tried? Have you developed a practice of inner discernment, of deep listening, so that when action is required, you know what to do?

Likely not. Likely you turn to others, to “trusted” leaders, to friends, to wounded and unhealed people, and you hand your life and your soul and your yoni and your core into someone’s hands to do with as they wish. They mold you, they finagle you, you are their product and their thing.

I’m here to tell you there is another way.

I’m here to teach you to get into the firm thick root of you, the golden essence of who you are, and let those feet and root-bodies merge deep, deep into the earth. And then you’re planted, you’re fixed. You know who you are, where you come from, what you’re capable of. So you have a nice steady pace to grow. And you grow, and you grow, and the branches start to spill out, and the fruits come in spring, and the flowers on your hands bloom, and you operate in accordance with the seasons, because this is God’s time, the time that really matters beyond Roman numerals and iPhone calendars. And you bend and flow and move with it and change, but you are always steady, always strong, because you got those roots, see? And you are capable of so much, and so many birds come to kiss you and build nests in your arms, and children smell your fragrant flowers, and everyone just wants to be near you, and you don’t have to seek anything out.

You are not, and were never, a half a person. You are all you ever were or will be. You just don’t know this yet, because you’re operating in this heady, foggy space, without your root, looking for your root in other people. In people who don’t always deserve that kind of authority, people who often took it without asking.

So I’m here to help you do a little digging.

Just call me your gardening assistant.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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