Don’t Take Your Mother for Granted

For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
       That then I scorn to change my state with kings. –Shakespeare, Sonnet 29

Here is what happens.

When a culture elevates one group or party above others, we have a tendency to want to become the “elevated ones.” That makes sense, doesn’t it? We look to them for how to be in the world. We want what they have, we want to act the way they act, we want to embody them, rather than embodying ourselves. We want to escape our own existence and get into the body and life of another.

This is a pretty common human experience. We come in contact with someone who takes our breath away and we say, Wow, I want to be him. Or, Wow, I want to be her. We associate love with wanting to be. Or maybe we associate it with actual being? I haven’t worked this piece out yet. Eh, I’m inclined to think we associate love with want.

But that’s not what love is, baby. Love is freedom. Love. Is. Freedom.

And freedom is all around you, in every breath, in every day. You just don’t know it. You just live in the fog of your mind that tells you you’re stuck, or the pain in your yoni that believes you’re stuck. But the Infinite gave you this most foundational, fundamental gift: you are free.

You just have to do a bit of work to uncover that truth.

The Great HeShe really wants you to know it. She’s trying to teach you all the time. You just don’t friggin’ listen. You don’t know how. Because this world teaches you all about how to get good grades in school and what to do to make your boss happy and how there are deadlines on your electric bill you need to pay and certain times when events start, so you have to arrive and plan your day accordingly.

Meanwhile the Great HeShe is like, knocking on all your walls and doors and saying, Hey, you’re free, you’re free, you’re free. 

And if you even once received that message, you’d probably squint your eyes and call her a liar and an old hag.

So be it.

Am I making sense? I don’t know. I don’t worry so much about that anymore? I just let shit flow?

So here is what I’m getting at.

We take the good things for granted in our lives, fairly often. We associate love with want, with drive, with “succeeding at a goal,” or something like that. We associate love with what is out of our hands, out of our reach. And that’s not love, baby, that’s desire. And desire isn’t the essence that makes up all things. I mean, it’s there. It exists. The way grass is on the ground. Grass is everywhere, in good times and bad, bright green or frayed in brown. But grass isn’t the essence. So don’t mistake something ubiquitous for the essence. It’s just the-thing-that-is-ubiquitous. It just is. Essence is through and in and around and under and above. Essence is ALIVE!

Love gives you freedom to choose. You always, fundamentally, have freedom to choose. You don’t feel like you do. You often feel pushed or pulled. You feel stuck in a situation or an obligation. You have a lot of emotions around the issue. But if you shift your framework a bit and recognize that perhaps there is some higher part of you choosing this experience, you begin to let in the freedom of your human life. You begin to recognize you were free all along. That a higher part of you, or a deeper part of you, or an inner part of you (and all three, too), was driven to make these choices in an effort to learn and grow.

Oh, I know, sorry, that “learning and growing” bullshit is so annoying. And yet.

And yet.

And yet.

Uncovering divine teachings and living into their truth means that we gain closer access to Higher Mind. And what we begin to recognize is that nothing we wanted was truly out of reach. We always had everything we ever wanted/needed in that particular moment and place. Always. We just didn’t know it. We were just in the midst of a fog that muddied our clarity.

The kingdom of heaven is not a physical space you get to for doing good works. It is just not. It is the consciousness one has when she begins to unfold, unpack, reveal, find root and depth. When she digs in the soil and sees what is really there. And she comes back up to the surface with new eyes, new heart, hands that are willing to give and receive. And she’s like, Oh, I had it all along. I had everything, I had abundance, I had joy, I had beauty, all along. And she is moved and humbled by this realization, and is finally able to live in truth.

Many people don’t know this shit until they die.

Jon Flobrant

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