The Circle and the Line

Within each of us is a masculine and feminine energy. The masculine is the assertive, do do do nature. The feminine is our openness, our ability to receive, to surrender, to let flow.

We need both of these energies in balance inside us if we are able to move effectively through this world. When I say “effective,” I am not talking about worldly visions of success. Too many of us have been ingrained with the do do do mentality, that we don’t simply know how to be. So we may have financial success and prestige, we may have numbers of followers in man-made platforms, but we don’t know how to receive love or listen deeply in the presence of another person, which is way more important on an energetic and eternal level. And if can’t be in presence, we are not “effectively” living. Maybe “effective” isn’t the right word either. Maybe the word I’m looking for is “impression.” I’m talking about taking part in the dance of life, in an exchange of energy that happens within each interaction, something that exists below the surface and which we’re not always aware of. I’m talking about how we, as humans, are a network of energy exchange similar to that of trees, our roots underground constantly talking to each other, constantly available to connect and blend and become whole.

Becoming whole is not about the assumption that someone out there is going to complete you. Anthropos is the term Yeshua used. We’re talking about being fully human. We’re talking about being inordinately, inwardly strong.

In ancient traditions, women were known for their receptivity, their openness to download messages from Spirit and transmute them into the physical plane. This is how oral histories developed and continued. This is why we see hieroglyphics on cave walls that exist until this day. Women, and people like shamans or medicine men who had a natural receptivity, an embodied feminine energy, were able to receive and let flow through them messages, tales, healing remedies from the ancestors. This is how SexyJesus healed so many with the touch of his hands. He opened up, he received, he let flow.

In Navajo tradition, those called “two-spirit” were especially revered in the village. The ones who manifested beautifully and fully the masculine and feminine energy, who were born with one set of genitalia and yet embodied the other were deeply wise. Their specialness knew no bounds, in the way they could relate to both aspects of human existence, the way they could be open, take in, and also plant, root down, and exude out.

In Hindu scripture, we have the yoni and the lingam, the two parts that make up the whole, the shakti feminine energy and the lingam masculine energy.

We are called to move forward in this broken world by embodying both aspects of the divine within ourselves, and our healing and wholeness gets derailed when we repress either one. Currently, with the violence and harshness and disdain for nature that we see all around us in the US, we are experiencing (and have experienced) a repression of the feminine. Disdain is the right word. We think all must be outward, outward, outward, and reject the need to go in, go deep, receive, embrace, envelop. And this disdain is why we have no regard for nature. It is why women are raped and abused (and men, too, by the way). It is the reason so many women struggle with mental illness, or loathe their bodies, or are so overcome with anxiety they shut down. We have no idea, after thousands of years of patriarchy, how to reclaim our ability to open, surrender, and receive. We are out of balance and out of whack. And we are desperate for a change, but we have no idea how to get there, because much of the Mothers’ Wisdom has been lost. The Mothers’ Wisdom, passed orally through story and art and dance, through tincture and oil, has been shut off, suppressed, the words and practices buried and burned. Instead we have a society that kills and shoots to get what it wants. We have the lesson that violence and domination and yelling the loudest and making the most noise and buying the most objects and having the biggest structure on the block is what’s valuable, and that’s what we’re supposed to reach for. And even when we intellectually know these practices are wrong, we operate from our heads, from strategy, from planning, and not through the receptivity of the body that helps us be present and whole, a presence in the body whose strength is faith and openness to the power of Love that can come through and knock down walls and uproot fig trees and move mountains. That’s true power. Human power is pretty weak in comparison. But we don’t know that, because we’ve made the human mind the center of the world.

But the ancestors are trying to reach us.

The ancestors, part of the Great Spirit, are always speaking to us, always dancing around, celebrating our beings with joy, trying to teach, to deliver, to share. We are just too shut down, too stuck in our own egos, too caught up in spreadsheets or grocery lists and worries and our big plans to notice and hear.

They are teaching us how to heal.

They are teaching us a better way to move forward.

They are encouraging us to dance and sing and create art, to move Great Spirit’s energy through and out, to honor the living and the dead, to break bread before trees, to bow down under the stars, to sink our feet and hands into the earth and be healed, to listen to the birds call.

And oh my god, we are so closed up, thinking about fantasy football.

It is a terrible shame.


Will you open?

Will you listen?

Will you let the divine feminine energy inside you flow through and help you receive?

Will you step away from thinking you are the center of the world, and recognize you are merely—and amazingly—a unique vessel flowing in the eternal river?

Can you handle that kind of powerful recognition?

Are you going to be brave?

Or are you already looking for the next thing to read?


“Antelope slot canyon” by RichardJackson is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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