Becoming Rooted

So many of us are cut off from our source, from the essence within us that knows things, feels things, trusts the knowledge within us.

We are taught to strategize and manipulate and control. We are taught to overpower, to plan things out to get what we want.

But we are part of nature, and nature doesn’t do this. Nature just grows. It moves through cycles. It withers at times, or goes fallow, and other times, bursts into bloom. Nature is sometimes steady and even, and other times rushing, crooked, wild.

We are a culture, a country, that is so withered. We have lost ourselves, lost the essence of who we are, and this has gone on for many centuries. We have been taught not to listen to our bodies, but instead to feed and nurture our egos, to think too much, to put everything into a superficial order we have un-carefully devised.

And it’s killing us. It’s killing our souls, and it’s killing our spirits. It’s killing our earth.

I have always known that my body had wisdom, but I knew it in the recesses of my soul, and not through my conscious brain. Instead, I was taught by a culture, and by wounded people, not to trust my body. I was taught that it caused problems, that it was inferior, that it just created hurt, that you should just shut it down.

That’s like living in a village where the source of all your vegetation is a river, and you build a wall so that the river can’t flow.

My yoni, my earth, is the source of all the beautiful energy that lives in the rest of me. If I am a tree, my yoni is the soil and the roots that help that tree grow and thrive. If I’m cut off from the root, I’m just a thick has-been, an unconnected object that has potential but can’t grow.

And so when we’re cut off from our yonis, we don’t know what the hell we’re doing, and we can’t make wise decisions. (If you don’t know what a yoni is by now, look it up.)

Western culture has been saturated with all kinds of texts and philosophies about what it takes to be happy in this life, how to nurture ourselves on the spiritual path. All of them have been very helpful and can certainly elevate us, or help us progress further and further into what Jesus calls “the kingdom of heaven.”

But if our branches reach toward the kingdom and we have no rootedness, we’re floating in air. We’re unmoored.

So all of these texts and theories and philosophies are based in air. Air is beautiful and open and flowing. But it’s not earth. And we’re in need of some serious earth power. We’re hungry for roots to take hold so we can reclaim our strength to move in a more fulfilling direction. Because what we’ve been doing for the last couple thousand years clearly hasn’t worked.

It’s the Mother we need. We have all been missing, searching for, lost from, the Great Mother. And the way to get to her is through women knowing their bodies, knowing the wisdom of Mother that comes from our most amazing, powerful part, of which so little has heretofore been written. We’re going into that mine now, that sacred untouched place, and we’re going to figure some things out. We’re going to learn. And then we’re going to emerge and teach everyone what the hell has been missing so we can heal a fractured world.

Many have laughed at times at the notion of women “learning about their vaginas,” as though it’s silly. And vagina is a silly, medical word, developed in the 1600s by someone who didn’t own one.

I’m not talking about the vagina. I’m talking about the yoni.

Deep, rich, of the earth. The deepest, richest, potent crystal of the soul, the soil, that exists in women.

But we don’t even know she’s there. It’s like we’ve all been sailing around in the dark night using flashlights without recognizing the moon and stars can guide our path.

The sacred, healing moon. The womb of Mother Earth.

Father Heaven. Mother Earth. There is room for all.

Jesus is with me on this journey. He is such a powerful guide. But with him at my side, as protection, as an emblem of everything Good, I’m going deep into the earth to uncover the riches that have been lying there, and which we have yet to discover. I will dig and reveal a powerful kind of wisdom. A new direction. Sensual, sacred, connected, rooted, earth-cool.

It is time to meld the fractured pieces of what has been, and tread a new path toward becoming whole.

There is no other way to go.

“path”by PHOTOPHANATIC1 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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