Confessions (and a Video Link)

I am weird.

I have always been weird, but I have often tried to suppress that side of myself. My family doesn’t like “weird.” They are very straight-laced folks.

But I love being weird. I love being creative, trying new things, getting out of my comfort zone. (Wait, can I say I love that last part? Probably not, but I love when it’s over.)

And I love weird people. They are my faves. People who have no shame about their idiosyncrasies, people who not only march to the beat of their own drum, but create a fucking entirely new drum!


I’m doing this weird video thing. Because a part of me always wanted to be a talk-show host. And I have a phone that lets me do videos. And it’s more fun than cleaning my apartment, which I’m trying to get my kids to do.

Also? I have a lot to say.

(I have always had a lot to say, but it comes from a much better place these days than it used to.)

So if you’re brave and daring and have a little time to kill, check out the YouTube MotherJana channel.

The latest is the Friday Confessional. Rather than asking for forgiveness from MotherJana, or for a list of prayers to say (which feels cheap), followers write in some of the deepest, scariest questions of their hearts.

Except one guy. All he thinks about is sex.

Tune in. Subscribe. Have fun!

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