The Power of One

I believe in the power of one person.

The power of one person to plant good seeds to help others. The power of one person to rise up from the ash, to start something new. To dive in, jump forward, chart a brilliant, beautiful path.

And I don’t think a person should be held back by outdated ideas or old modes of thinking that don’t serve anybody, that don’t help. A person does not have to give great attention to the dark thorns that say “can’t” and “shouldn’t” and “no.”

I believe in can. I believe in could. I believe in yes. 

I believe in goodness. I believe that within everyone lies a beautiful flame of inner light.

It has taken a long time, and a very winding road, to discover that I also believe in me.

And that is why I want to change my last name, as a symbol of a turning point in my life, my 40th birthday.

It is a symbol of the new path forward, a path where I use all my previous experiences as rich compost to embark on a bold, exciting, beautiful next stage of life.

A life that is uniquely mine. A life where I am not weighed down by old beliefs in limitations. A life where I practice a faith in the limitless.

And that starts with my name.

Because when the chips are down in this world, we have only a few things. We have our bodies. We have our beliefs. We have the relationships we have formed. And we have our names.

For I am a Rose. I grew among thorns, because I knew that there was a bud inside me that held something beautiful, when it would finally have the chance to flower. I grew from the earth, from men and women who came before. I grew despite storms, despite droughts. And my petals are strong. And they are many. And I don’t lose heart. And I have come back even after falling away.

I believe in second acts. At 40, I know I have a lot of life left to live. And in order to support others in their own personal journeys, which I will always, always do, I have to live my beliefs myself. I have to embody what I want to see more of in the world.

For a long time I thought money was dirty. I turned up my nose, shied away. Underneath that was a feeling that I was undeserving. That money was evil, or something to be avoided. That only bad people had it. I put up internal blocks, unknowingly, so that it wouldn’t come to me. I did not give it the reverence it deserved. I suffered from a belief in lack. And at the same time I unwittingly worshiped money, thinking it was mightier than God.

The greatest abundance lies inside of us. It lies in what we choose to create, what we put out into the world. We have the power to generate flow, to generate abundance in our lives, not just through cash, but through kindness and love. And I believe in that dance. Often, money helps move things along. Not always. But often.

I am going to change my last name legally to Rose. It is just something I’m going to do. I am going to fill out that pile of paperwork with disgusting glee, and advertise my new name in newspapers, and announce it proudly to the world.

Because I am a person whose actions, whose words, line up with my beliefs.

The power of $1 from you can help me. Because one dollar is a beautiful gift. It cannot buy much in this world anymore, but it can show support for something you believe in. It is better than nothing. It is better than silence. One dollar is a seed that grows.

So if you have one dollar to give, please visit my Facebook fundraiser page. And if you believe in the power of one, share this message with 5 friends.

One dollar is can. One dollar is could. One dollar is Yes.

Facebook Fundraiser: Changing my last name

(Campaign goes until October 4th, but don’t wait! Because you might be like me, who always forgets to do the little things she wanted to do. 🙂 And my birthday is September 22.)

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