This Is the Time for Healing

A campsite outside the historic town of Vezelay, France

I keep telling myself I’m not going to write on this blog so much. I’m going to save up the posts, publish them in a measured way.

But this is not how I operate as a person. Because there is so much in me that has been waiting to come. There is so much to reveal, and to be revealed. Why not live into abundance when it exists, even if there are plenty who can’t receive it? It’s here for the taking.

Everywhere, people are starting to heal, to uncover, to notice, to bare themselves and start fresh and be pure of heart. This is an international movement, but it is quiet, like flowers growing in a forgotten corner of the forest.

Because we are all, slowly, coming into ourselves. We are learning how to know and be made known. We are grappling with the Infinite, both beyond us and inside of us. And some of us are especially open, and we see this happening, and we feel it in us, and we are called do something about it, to use our creativity as a driving, powerful, beautiful force of change.

It is not a political battle, though many will move in that direction, and that is good also.

But this unraveling, this burgeoning, goes deeper. It is a battle of the heart. It is a battle of the soul. It is a reckoning of the past with the present, so we can move into a better future. The seeds have been planted everywhere. Our job is to nourish the soil so they sprout.

These seeds are in art, especially, because artists—the true ones—are visionaries. They see things and feel things and produce. Artists are like great trees.

The Mothers want us to come home. Women will lead the way. And men will come too, because underlying this passage is Love, not gender, not sex. It is not division between men and men, but union. And women are the leaders of it, because feminine energy has been sparse for the last many hundred years.

This all may sound strange, I know. But the truth can often feel awkward when we’re not used to it.

When one person heals, when one person becomes embodied, when one person lives in a solid place without guilt and shame, acknowledging both her vulnerability and her strength, her humility before the Vastness of life, and her inherent beauty—that glitter ripples outward.

It is not through acquiring things. It is not about acquiring classes or degrees, or titles, or status. Words are paltry to communicate what healing feels like, because it happens in the body. It happens when you listen to what’s going on within.

It is a stripping away to the core, a throwing over, a giving up, a surrender so that something stronger can take hold.

What will it take for us to stare evil in the eye, and do what we were meant to do, without fear?

To say to accusers, and those who judge, and those who are so full of fear they can’t even breathe, I know who I am. Get out of my way. Your time has passed.

Because that is how we are called now.

It is time to unlock. To unlearn the lies you’ve been told. To form new patterns, instead of habits that have held you back, or people who have ignored your heart and told you the wrong things to do, things that led you to darkness, to staying blind.

So dance. Pray. Find people, however few, who love you for you, not for what they want you to be, or for an illusion of who you are. Be true to yourself. Practice listening closely and clearly, to yourself and to others. Take respite in silence, and plant your feet in the earth as often as you can. Speak from that whole and deep place. And learn how to trust yourself, even though so much of the world has told you not to.

This is the voice of the Mothers. This is what they want for you.

There is so much beyond us that we can’t know. But it is coming. We are being drawn toward it.

Open your arms and let it to flow.

One thought on “This Is the Time for Healing”

  1. I used to worry whether I was in the will of God.
    One day God showed me I had never been out of his will from the day I had accepted Jesus as my Saviour.
    It was so freeing. Since that moment I’ve relaxed, gone with the flow and trust God to keep his promises.


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