What Is True Love?

“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked.

The man said, ‘I want to see.’ –@CoolDudeMark 10:51 #biblestudy


People do not know what True Love is.

They think it’s a passionate feeling, a deep flame within that makes them want to grab on to someone or something and never let go.

But that is a mistake.

True Love is seeing someone as they are, and accepting every part, without trying to change them, and without expecting anything in return.

True Love is every one being their deepest, truest selves—accepting every flaw and still wildly loving.

It is not about clinging, grasping on, or trying to control. It is not about need.

Need is a sure way to false love.

Need is a very different thing than trust.

And trust is the way to go.

(Trust is the way of Jesus.)

Moving through life with a center of love is about recognizing the beauty in every person and not trying to hold on to anything, but freely giving away. And when you do, you see the abundance that underlies all things, the spirit and nature of giving that abounds. We all take care of each other.

We are called to take care of each other. (That is the way of Jesus.)

During my time in France, I experienced this abundance first hand. Before going there, I was told by family and friends, Be careful. And by my mother, Not everyone is your friend.

But the Lord told me, Do what you feel is right. And you are going to be okay.

So what I found was that I was constantly uplifted my meeting people, by the circle of life that is giving and receiving. Give your love away without expectation, and you will get that love in return.

I bought gifts without knowing why, and later found people they were intended for.

When I was lost and asked for help, people helped me find my way.

People paid for my meals, and I paid for others’. (Cheap meals, mind you. I’m not made of money.)

And when I had nowhere to sleep, and it was late at night, Cecile took me to her house and made me pasta. Luckily I had a few gifts in my bag, some chips and mustard, and a bottle of wine that were appropriate for the occasion.

(Cecile was my favorite.)

Very few, if any, of the people I met went to church or called themselves Christian.

I lived the teachings of Jesus in action: Love your neighbor as yourself. And I realized more than ever that the teachings are true. If you let yourself be held by God, and be held by other people, you will see the Holy Spirit in every person you meet.

But you have to have faith. That’s the key, the essential. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen.”

Do you believe it?


Clinging, stinginess—that is the devil. That is when you slip away from God.

But those who offer up help, who come to the aid of others? That is God in action. And it doesn’t matter whether they go to church, what political party they vote for, what they have done in the past.

God presents Herself to you in each moment of every day. In each moment, you have everything you need, everything that was intended for you in that moment. And when you trust in that, and act in that, and have faith in that, you will believe.

This world is one community. Atonement means “at-one-ment.” We make up one body, the body of the anointed one, who exists in everything. It is not enough to say this, or to preach it to others, or to suggest you believe. If you believe, you must act it out, and see what takes place.

It will change your life.

So test it out, this central teaching of Jesus, that we are all one body, that you must love your neighbor as yourself.

Be kind, be loving, give and receive. Break bread with someone new. Buy something for someone you don’t know and offer it to them with no expectation of anything in return. Or give something away that you’ve been clinging on to, and feel the release of love, like cool water, surrender itself throughout your body.

See how living this way makes you feel.

Imagine how it would be if the whole world, especially Christians, acted this way.


“dancing shoes on… for 1st go at lindy hop.”by takenbyaymi2 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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  1. I appreciate reading your articles about love, but I do not hide to say that, for me , it’s a very dimensional faith based approach about love. It is your way or let’s say, opinion about love through the eyes of one of the greatest ” man” ” God” ” prophet” … Each one will have of course his way at looking at divine figures! What’s important is that, I feel that there is a kind of faith based approach about love, and trying to fit and implement the sayings of Jesus , and at the same time confirming their truthfulness and universality. I do believe that some figures have engraved their sayings on our way of live, and our culture if we analyze it and put it under a sieve , I am sure that we are not homogeneous as some claim. We a build-up or a mishmash of everything. In Buddhism, if we thing deeply, we will just realize that all our actions, perceptions, and even our thoughts are the result of conditioning, and of course, all sorts of conditioning.
    Love is different for every individual, and each one is a universe in all ways. We need to explore our selves, and even unlimited knowledge about love. Love is not just what we think about , it’s also the result of what will come about the situations and circumstances in a couple that we have never thought about ! What’s love for Jesus ? Moses ? Mohamed ? Mahatma Gandhi ? What’s love for a person who lives in the desert, or someone who lives in the North pole ? ….


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