My Pilgrim-Gypsy Soul

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered I am something like a pilgrim.

Not the kind in a weird hat and heavy clothes, boots and stiff jackets and stuff like that. A pilgrim, as in, a wanderer for a home in the depths of my soul.

Every time I go on a journey, I feel I am coming back to myself. Rather than feeling far from home, I feel closer to home. Because wherever I go, there I am. And I like being with me. Me is pretty fun and really open-minded and flexible and adventurous and great.

And when I’m away from home, where I don’t see dishes in the sink or a floor that needs to be vacuumed or beds that need to be made, my perspective widens and becomes clearer. Cleaner. Because at root, I like to wander. I’m a solitary gypsy in modern clothes.

I love meeting people. I love stepping on earth my feet haven’t previously known. I love letting the vastness and beauty of wherever I go become a part of me and live in me. I become that place for a while, and when I leave, it remains in me wherever I go.

So isn’t it appropriate I’ll start out this year’s summer journey in Rome?

What crazy things will I do?

(Don’t worry—probably just eat pasta and look at churches and try to avoid rats.)

Here are the steps on the MotherJana European Tour, a tour she has been longing to go on for a very, very long time.








And anywhere else she decides to stop off, like taking an afternoon nap in lavender fields.

I sort of can’t believe I have this life.

And yet I do. It’s mine.

And I am going to fucking live it. I stayed in the shadows for too long.


So let this post serve as an acknowledgment that blog posts may not come for the next few weeks, or only arrive sporadically.

If you want to subscribe and not miss anything, please do so at the right side of the page by putting in your email address.

Otherwise, you can count on me being back on a regular basis in late July.


Buon viaggio!

Bon Voyage!

And please, as the Quakers say, hold me in the light. I could use some good vibes. (God knows we all need them!)

“gypsy 012”by scoobsmx6 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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