The Light Feels Lighter

Being shown the Light is a gentle and surprising experience.

The Light is always gentle. Trust what’s gentle in your life.

We think of Light as a color, but it’s also a lack of weight. It’s a feeling in your body. If there’s something in your life weighing you down, give it up. Feel lighter. See what happens.

This life is about setting our hearts free.

But it doesn’t look like what we think it’s going to look like, and we have to be open to that.

When I was fired from a job several years ago, a job I loved, the immediate feeling I got was a sense of release, of a heaviness being taken from me. After that, my ego kicked in, and I was hurt. I was ashamed, and confused, and wondered what I should have done differently. But the job was a cross I had to bear for a time, a duty I had. And then, thankfully, that duty was released so I could move onto things that liberated me.

I had a similar instance when I got divorced. On paper, everything looked like shit. I had no money, no job, no way to keep my house, and three kids to take care of.

And yet I spent many months dancing in my kitchen. I was a bird let out of her cage.

We go through this life striving toward what we think is going to make us happy. Often, we think it’s in acquiring things. A nice house, a nice car. A nice-looking person that everyone approves of. Prestige, status, titles. A big fat checking account. People looking up to us.

And it can all go away, just like that.

So what’s real?

What’s real is what is in our hearts. It’s our experience. It’s what stirs us, what moves us, what opens us up.

The Light is safer than anything I’ve known, and yet to an outsider, it looks damn scary.

When Jesus came on this earth, he tried to help people see and hear, but very few saw and heard. He said the same thing we need to realize today—Get rid of your rules. Give away your money. Love other people.

2,000 years later, and a shitload of Christians have elected a raving, blasphemous narcissist as the leader of the free world.

Love other people. Give your money away. Stop following the rules.

Set your heart free. The rest will take care of itself.

“Babula – pendant lamp S” by KROOLS ., Yury Ustsinau, Fabrice Pöhlmann is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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  1. Doesn’t seem very humble or loving to disparage the President along with those #%*+ of Christians who voted for him. Believe it or not Jesus loves Trump and them too!


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